Object Selection

The selection of objects forms the basis for most CityEngine operations such as generation or transformation. The selection tool is enabled by pressing the corresponding tool button in the toolbar or by hitting Q.

Four different selection modes are available:

In addition, four different types of selection modification are available: Replace (the default), Add, Invert, and Remove. The modifiers define how a new selection behaves with respect to an existing one. The modifier keys SHIFT and CTRL temporarily define the current selection modification:

Selection Menu

The selection menu provides a variety of methods to select a subset of the scene objects. Additionally, selection sets can be saved, applied and edited. The menu can be accessed over the main menu Select.

The selection menu

Selection Methods

Select All, Deselect All, Invert Selection

Select all and deselect all can also be triggered using the shortcuts CTRL+A and CTRL+SHIFT+A.

Select Objects in Same Layer

If the source selection contains layers, all children of these layers are selected. If the source selection contains layer-objects, all children of all parent layers are selected.

Select Objects by Map Layer

Map layers that define a boolean attribute can be used as selection constraints. In the sub-menu, all boolean attributes of all map layers are listed. After choosing one of these attributes, the attribute is evaluated for all objects of the source selection (at the center of the objects). Then, the objects where the attribute evaluated to "true" are selected.

Select Objects in Same Layer Group

All children of the same group are selected.

Select Objects of Same Type

Selects all objects having the same types as present in the source selection.

Select Objects of Same Group

Selects all objects belonging to the same group as the objects in the source selection. For example if the source selection contains a block, the resulting selection will contain the block and the block's shapes.

Select Objects with Same Rule File

Selects all objects having assigned a rule file that is present in the source selection.

Select Objects with Same Start Rule

Selects all objects having a start rule that is present in the source selection.

Select Continuous Graph Objects

This method can be used to select graph segments that are continuous, e.g. if they together define one street. The search for continued segments starts at the source selection.

Isolation mode (I) and per-viewport layer-visibility (F9, F10, F11, F12) have no influence on the selection result. However, per-scene layer-visiblity (controlled in the scene window) does influence the result.

Selection Sets

Save Selection Set As...

Arbitrary sets of objects (graph, shapes, models) can be saved into selection sets. A selection set is identified with a user-defined name.

Apply Selection Set

Existing selection sets are listed in the submenu. To apply one, select the corresponding name. Then, the set objects (which are still present in the scene) are selected.

Edit Selection Sets...

The edit selection sets dialog

Existing selection sets are listed in this dialog. Sets can be removed, renamed and sorted (up/down).

Isolating the Selection

When working with larger models, it is often useful to reduce the scene temporarily to a smaller working set. To achieve this, you can use the 3D viewport's "Isolation" feature. When you isolate a selection, only the currently selected object will be visible. To isolate the selection, click on the Isolate button or press I. Pressing Isolate or I when already in isolation mode will leave isolation mode and show the whole model again.

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