Exporting Graph Segments to SHP


The ESRI Shapefile or simply a shapefile is a popular geospatial vector data format for geographic information systems software. A shapefile commonly refers to a collection of files. The main file (.shp) contains the shape data and the database file (.dbf) contains attributes for each shape. The shapefile exporter can export graph segments and attributes to these files. Additionally, the exporter writes an index file (.shx).

Note: The same exporter can also be used to export shapes: For a shape specific description please visit: Exporting Shapes to SHP

Shapefile support is not available in all CityEngine versions.

Export Settings

The export dialog consists of the filename and the 3D options, as shown below. As usual, presets can be saved and applied.

Filename and 3D options.


Press Browse to open a dialog to select a .shp file to export.

3D Options

The following table illustrates the influence of this option:

3D Option Shapefile Type Data
none Polyline 2D
PolylineZ PolylineZ 3D

Note: The exporter does not write a .prj projection file. The data is always stored in cartesian coordinates in the current scene coordinate system.

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