Exporting Graph Segments to DXF


AutoCAD DXF, Drawing Interchange Format, or Drawing Exchange Format, is a CAD data format developed by Autodesk. A DXF file contains a set of entities. For each selected graph segment, the exporter writes an entity of type Line.

Note: The same exporter can also be used to export shapes: For a shape specific description please visit: Exporting Shapes to DXF

Export Settings

The export dialog consists of the filename and the street width option, as shown below. As usual, presets can be saved and applied.

DXF Export settings


Press Browse to open a dialog to select a .dxf file to export.

Export Street Width

When enabled, the street width is written into the "Thickness" field of the DXF Line entity (group code 39).

Note: The value which is written is the total street width, that is the street width plus the sidewalk widths.

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