Sharing Data from CityEngine

ArcGIS Online / Portal for ArcGIS

ArcGIS Online is an online platform to share maps and geographic information with others. You can share all kinds of geographic information: maps, map layers, features, editing templates (using layer packages), imagery, and analytic results. Once you signed up on ArcGIS Online, you can use your own personal online ArcGIS workspace in the cloud, where you can share data packages as well as search for and find others' content, which you can use in ArcGIS for Desktop.

Sharing Data from CityEngine

In CityEngine, you can directly share CityEngine Web Scenes and Rule Packages to an ArcGIS Portal. CityEngine will walk you through the process of preparing, packaging, and sharing the information online.

  1. In the menu, chooseFile→Share as...
  2. browse to the file you want to share (supported file types are slpk, 3ws, cga, cgb, rpk, 3vr)
  3. the package dialog guides you through the sharing process

Sharing Data on a Different Portal

By default CityEngine targets the main ArcGIS Online portal at If you belong to an organization on ArcGIS Online, or if you want to share your data to an on-premise installation of Portal for ArcGIS, define a different portal URL in CityEngine network preferences.

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