CityEngine Web Scene Preview

Before publishing a Web Scene, it is a good idea to preview it locally to ensure it contains all the desired data and the layer setup in the exporter options are done correctly.


  1. Locate your exported Web Scene (the .3ws file) in the CityEngine Navigator (by default Web Scenes are exported to the current project's model folder.
  2. Double-click on the .3ws file
  3. or right-click on the .3ws Web Scene file, Open With → CityEngine Web Scene Viewer
  4. The Web Viewer opens in your system's default web browser (see below).

Preview Web Scene

Preview Options

Parameter Function
3D Web Scene Viewer

This option opens CityEngine Web Viewer from ArcGIS Online. An internet connection is therefore required.

3D Web Scene Viewer (offline)

A local version of CityEngine Web Viewer application is used. No internet connection required. Note that the local viewer might not be as up to date as the online version.

The preview URL opened in the browser is of the form




for the offline version. The path to webscene.3ws is relative to the CityEngine workspace (web scenes need to exist in the CityEngine workspace to be previewed). A random, varying high port is chosen automatically by CityEngine.

Due to browser security restrictions when loading local files (e.g. the .3ws file) a local webserver is required for the Web Viewer. Starting the Web Viewer with a file protocol (file://...), which happens e.g. when starting the Web Viewer by double-clicking on the viewer.html will therefore not work.

Default Browser

When starting the preview Web Viewer application, CityEngine starts the web browser that is set as default browser on the computer. In case you want to preview in a different browser

Misc Preview notes

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