Exporting to Esri Scene Layer Package (slpk)

Format Description

Esri Scene Layer Package (slpk) is a custom, web-optimized format that can be shared on ArcGIS Online and viewed with the WebScene Viewer.

Select the content you want to export in the 3D Viewport, and start the exporter.

File → Export Models... → Esri Scene Layer Package

Specific Export Options for slpk

On the first page the Esri Scene Layer Package export adds the following switch to the general export options:

Option Description
Merge Layers Instead of writing one package per layer we write one package containing the data in all layers. If you chose to merge all layers the per layer settings are not affecting the export.
Scene Environment Choose between local and global scene export. Local scenes are kept in the coordinate system of the scene while global scenes are converted to be viewable on the whole globe.

Data in local scenes is stored with their correct height values. As this might be too far over the ground plane at zero elevation it can get hard to see the content (even if looking up).
To overcome this problem you can use the Global Offset option to change the vertical position of your data. We recommend not to use X- and Z-Offsets so data is positioned in its correct location while only its elevation is changed.

On the second page we can change settings for individual layers:

Esri Scene Layer Package Layer Export Settings


Checkboxes denote if a layer's contents are exported. The initial state of this checkbox depends on the 3D viewport selection, before the export dialog is opened.

Layer Name

The layer name, as it is set in the CityEngine scene.

Feature Granularity

One Feature Per Shape Creates one feature per shape in the package.
One Feature Per Leaf Shape Creates one feature per leaf shape in the package.

Texture Quality

Parameter Function
Scene settings Use global option set in Textures in first export dialog page
High Quality Convert all layer RGB textures to JPG with high quality
Medium Quality Convert all layer RGB textures to JPG with medium quality
Low Quality Convert all layer RGB textures to JPG with low quality
Half Sized Resize all layer textures by 50%; RGB textures are written as medium quality JPG
Compact Resize all layer textures to 50% size but with a maximum of 256x256 pixels; RGB textures are written as low quality JPG

Export tricks and tips

The Esri Scene Layer Package format has a limit on the geometric complexity of a single model. If (after triangulation) a model has more than 127'000 triangles it might not be properly shown in clients.

Further Reading

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