Alembic ABC Export

Format Description

The Alembic exporter efficiently exports geometry and meta-data (materials, CGA reports, object attributes, ...) into Alembic .abc files. Alembic is an open, high-performance interchange framework designed for VFX content production pipelines. See for further information.

Use Cases

The CityEngine Alembic exporter has been designed with these goals in mind:

Specific Export Options for ABC

CityEngine Alembic Exporter Settings
Export settings for the Alembic (.abc) Exporter

The Alembic exporter shares most export options with the other formats, see general export options for details. The only exception is the file name. As Alembic efficiently handles large files (multi GB), the exporter will always write a single file per run.

Alembic Node Hierarchy created by CityEngine

Alembic Node Hierarchy created by CityEngine Alembic Exporter

Mappings from Alembic entities to CityEngine entities (refers to figure above, from top left to bottom right):

Further Reading

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