Appendix: Environment Variables

Available Environment Variables


If set to 1, CityEngine will only install the minimal set of resources into the (hidden) "ce.lib" library project. By default, this flag is disabled (set to 0 or not set).

As of CityEngine 2018.1, this means that the local "CityEngine WebScene Viewer" will not be installed into "ce.lib", if this flag is enabled.


CityEngine can be extended with custom importers and exporters (referred to as extensions). These extensions are built with the CityEngine SDK and are by default expected at the following location:

[CityEngine Installation Directory]/plugins/com.esri.prt.clients.ce.[your platform]_1.0.0/lib

If copying custom extensions into the above directory is not desired, this variable will accept a list of additional directories to scan for extensions.

Note: You may specify multiple directories separated by colon (':') on macOS/Linux or by semi-colon (';') on Windows. Do not include the actual shared libraries in these paths but only their parent paths - CityEngine will recursively traverse all directories specified and load all compatible extensions.

How to set Environment Variables

The above Environment variables can be set in a few different ways ("CITYENGINE_XXX" represents one of the variables listed above):

Variant 1: In the shell

WindowsLinux / macOS
C:\> CityEngine 
$ ./CityEngine

Variant 2: Directly as CityEngine property

WindowsLinux / macOS
C:\> CityEngine --launcher.appendVmargs -vmargs -DCITYENGINE_XXX=1
$ ./CityEngine --launcher.appendVmargs -vmargs -DCITYENGINE_XXX=1

Variant 3: In the CityEngine.ini file

  1. Locate the CityEngine.ini file in the installation directory
  2. Append the following line at the end:
  1. Locate the CityEngine-bin.ini file in the installation directory
  2. Append the following line at the end:
  1. Right click on the CityEngine application file and choose "Show Package Content".
  2. Navigate to "Contents/MacOS"
  3. Append the following line at the end of CityEngine.ini:

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