Editing Map Layers

After selecting a map layer in the scene window, the Inspector allows you to edit map layer parameters.

Parameters of a map layer displayed in the Inspector

In the Inspector you can change the map files, modify the bounds, and adjust the display offset (to avoid z-fighting i.e. how much the rendering of the map is displaced in the 'y' direction regarding the actual map values). In addition to that, an overlay color and alpha value for the map can be specified. Depending on the layer type, some options may not be available.

Furthermore, the mapping functions can also be edited in the inspector. This is described on in more detail here Editing Map Layer Functions.


Moving and Scaling Map Layers in the 3D Viewport

If you select one or more attribute layers in the Scene Window, you may use the transform or scale tool in order to move or scale the layer(s) directly in the 3D viewport.

Using the scale transfrom tool to rescale a map layer

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