CityEngine supports an arbitrary number of cameras. Multiple cameras are especially useful if you are working with more than one 3D viewport. There are four predefined cameras:

In addition to these predefined cameras, you can always align the camera along a specific axis by pressing X, Y, or Z. While Y only orients the Y-Axis in camera direction, X and Z also re-orient the Y-axis upwards. This in combination with switching between orthographic and perspective view P allows you to quickly walk through multiple views of your scene.

The cameras are accessible from the Camera menu. Cameras are shared among 3D viewports, meaning that if multiple 3D viewports use the same camera, changing the camera in one viewport (e.g. by rotation) will affect the second viewport with the same camera as well.

In order to create your own camera, you can either click on the Camera menu button, or select New Camera from the Camera menu. This will automatically clone the current camera and save it under a new name. By choosing Edit Cameras, you can fine-tune the camera and change all camera parameters individually.

A camera configuration has the following options:

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