A specific camera configuration can be saved as bookmark. Bookmarks are accessible from the Bookmarks menu . For the predefined perspective, front, top, and side cameras there is always a "Home" bookmark which restores the default configuration of the current camera. The home bookmark can also be activated by pressing H.

Bookmarks and cameras are independent - this means that you can apply any bookmark to any camera. Bookmarks are always applied to the currently active camera.

In order to create a new bookmark, you can either select Bookmark from the Boomarks menu or click on the Bookmarks menu button. The first ten bookmarks are mapped to the numeric keypad and can be activated by pressing the corresponding key on the numeric keypad. Pressing CTRL+[NUMPAD] on the numeric keypad will automatically store the current camera configuration at the corresponding bookmark position. This allows you to store and recall bookmarks without navigating to the viewport menu.

Similar to cameras, bookmarks can be edited by choosing Edit Bookmark from the Bookmarks menu.

A camera bookmark has the following options:

Bookmarks visibility

Toggle visibility of Bookmarks in the Settings Menu. With Bookmarks visible, for each bookmark you will see the bookmark position and camera orientation in the viewport.

Tip: Turn on Bookmarks visibility to help you create a CityEngine scene that will be exported to 360 VR Experience.

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