3D Navigation Essentials

For navigation in the 3d viewport you may use the navigation tools to track, tumble, dolly or look around. Select the appropriate tool in the toolbar and click-and-drag the mouse in the viewport. Alternatively, the navigation modes can be applied at any time in conjunction with a modifier. The default settings are as follows:

In addition, there are a number of operations that make navigation within complex scenes easier:

As a consequence, the typical navigation works by selecting an object via LMB or via drag-LMB and then pressing F to frame the selection. Afterwards the selection can be explored via tumble, track and dolly.

Note: The CityEngine preferences (Edit → Preferences → General → Navigation Devices → Mouse) allow you change the mouse navigation schemes according to the schemes of other 3D applications. Linux users might want to change the modifier key mapping for navigation to CTRL since some window managers catch the ALT key.

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