Add objects to scenarios in Scene Editor

Scenario objects

When you add objects to scenarios they become scenario objects. This is important because scenario objects and default objects behave differently. Scenario objects are individual objects that are part of a scenario. You can customize scenarios by adding or removing objects from specific scenarios and leaving in others.
  1. Select objects from the Default objects.

  1. Click Edit→Copy to scenario→North.

See 3D view for more information on options Move to scenario, Make default object, and Remove from current scenario.

All the selected objects become scenario objects and are now in just the North scenario.

Add objects to scenarios with Scenario Manager

You can also add objects to scenarios by duplicating or mirroring existing scenarios.


When you duplicate a scenario you copy all objects in one scenario to another.

  1. Open Scenario Manager.
  2. Select the scenario you want to copy.
  3. Click Duplicate...
  4. Name the duplicated scenario.
  5. Click OK.

Both scenarios have the copies of the same objects.


When you mirror a scenario you create a clone of all the objects to another scenario. Mirror objects behave like the same objects in multiple scenarios. For example, if you use the move tool on a building that is a mirror object it will move the object across multiple scenarios.

  1. Open Scenario Manager.
  2. Select the scenario you want to mirror.
  3. Click Mirror...
  4. Name the mirrored scenario.
  5. Click OK.

Each scenario is identical and a clone of the other. Any edits made to an object in one scenario are applied equally to the other.

Duplicate vs. mirror objects

You can see the difference in behavior with scenarios between duplicate and mirror objects below:

Duplicate Mirror
Select an object in North scenario.
Select the Move tool.
Move the selected object.

As you can see duplicate treats the objects as two separate objects that can be modified independently of each other for each scenario. On the other hand, mirror objects behave as the same object and modifications are applied in both scenarios.

CityEngine gives you additional options to add objects to scenarios. See adding objects in Viewport and adding objects in Inspector

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