Scenarios in the Inspector

The Inspector lets you easily manage objects in your scenarios. You can move an object from default object to scenario object. You can also edit the scenario location of the objects.

When you select an object, the Inspector will display the object type: Default or Scenario. You can then choose which scenarios that you want the object to belong.

  1. Click an object in one of your scenarios. You can see that this object is common to both the North and East scenarios.

  1. Click open the Edit Scenario dialogue

The Edit Scenario dialogue allows you to edit the Object type and Scenarios. The example above indicates the object belongs to the two scenarios. When you choose multiple scenarios the object becomes a mirror object.

  1. Click another object. Now the Inspector displays that the object is a Default Object.

  1. Click Edit....

The selected object is a Default Object that belongs to all three scenarios. You can also uncheck a scenario to exclude the object from that scenario.

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