Configuring the Windows Layout

The CityEngine main window can contain two different types of windows (views and editors) and its layout is controlled by perspectives.

A perspective is a group of views and editors in the main CityEngine window. Within the main CityEngine window, each perspective may have a different set of views but all perspectives share the same set of editors. With the exceptions of the 3D viewport, views usually exist as a single instance, meaning that e.g. there is only one inspector. Modifications in views are immediately propagated inside CityEngine and views may exist without an open editor. You can open views by selecting the view type from the main Window menu. Editors follow more an open-save-close lifecycle model and are opened by double clicking on a file in the Navigator.

The CityEngine provides the following views:


Toolbar and Status line

The top toolbar and the status line at the bottom can be shown or hidden individually.

Hiding toolbar and status line gives a less cluttered view of the application and saves screenspace, which can be helpful e.g. for presentations or demos.



  1. Predefined Window Layouts
  2. Editors
  4. Dragging Windows
  5. Saving and Loading Window Layouts

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