Predefined Window Layouts

Based on the task at hand you might want to switch between different window layouts to make best use of the screen space available. Under Window→Layout 7 default layouts are defined.

To manage custom layouts, use the menu entries Open Perspective..., Save Perspective as... and Reset Perspective...

Default Layouts

Layout Descriptions

The Default layout has one big perspective view and editors open useful for scene overview and management tasks like import / export.

The Compact layout has one big perspective view and some editors open only at the left. This makes it suitable for presentations.

The Top & 3D View layout has a perspective view and a top view with space for editors on both sides.

The Top, Front, Side & 3D View layout is the classical CAD layout with a perspective, a top, a front and a side view.

The 2 Scenarios Side-by-side layout has 2 perspective views with two different scenarios assigned to it. This layout is especially suitable to compare scenarios.

The 3 Scenarios Side-by-side layout offers 3 perspective views for different scenarios.

The Rule Programming layout has one perspective view and leaves more area for the cga editor. This layout is especially suited for editing rules and monitoring the outcome.

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