3D Mouse Preferences

3D Mouse support is not available in all CityEngine versions.

Note that on Windows platforms, the settings made in the Logitech/3DConnexion system control panel are bypassed. To configure your 3D mouse for CityEngine, use CityEngine's builtin 3D Mouse preferences.

The 3D Mouse preference page lets you configure CityEngine related settings of your Logitech/3DConnexion 3D Mouse. The top of the preference page presents you all CityEngine user interface commands. You can assign any of these commands to the hardware buttons on your 3D Mouse. To assign a command to a button, just select the command from the list and press the button on the device the command should be assigned to. In order to simplify command selection, the list of commands may be filtered by typing the desired filter into the text field above the list of commands.

You can always restore the default command bindings for your specific device by clicking on the "Restore Defaults" button.


Navigation modes

3D Mouse menu

By default, button "1" on the 3D Mouse is assigned to the 3D Mouse menu. This menu allows you to lock translation and/or rotational movements as well as change the speed and navigation mode quickly.

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