Cleanup Graph Networks

Why Cleanup

Imported, merged or self-drawn graph networks may contain Such unclean graph networks induce a number of problems when creating street shapes or extracting lots.

The Cleanup Tool allows for fast cleanup of such graph networks by merging nodes, merging segments and creating nodes at intersecting segments.

The tool can be executed in the in the following ways:

Note: This tool operates on a selection of graph segments. Unselected segments stay unchanged. When merging, the nodes of the selected segments are merged.

Cleanup Settings

After execution, the following dialog is shown:

The Cleanup Graph dialog.

The checked operations (intersect, snap, merge and/or resolve shape conflicts) are executed one after another. The following parameters can be set:

Note: This tool operates planar in the x-z plane. The y-coordinate is neglected. Therefore, running this tool on graph networks containing segments on different y-levels is not recommended.


Simple Intersections

Snap Nodes to Segments

Simple Merge

Full Cleanup

Resolve Conflicting Shapes

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