Working with Static Models

Static models still may be modified by a few operations after importing. The attribute 'static' means, that vertices may not be modified individually, textures may not be changed and cga rules may not be applied.

By default transparency is disabled. Further, the origin of the model is both centered and bottom-aligned (expept for KML import). These settings can be changed in the inspector in order to keep the behavior as read from the file.

Transform Tools

A static model can be positioned and scaled as you wish within the scene by the means of the Move Tool (W), the Scale Tool (E) and the Rotate Tool (R).

Images of the three transform tools (f.l.t.r): Move Tool, Scale Tool and Rotate Tool

In the Inspector

Here some object attributes may be changed as described below:

Parameterization in the inspector

Asset_File The static model may be replaced by any model file of the supported types OBJ, FBX, DAE and KML.
Material_Colorize The model may be colorized for e.g. making it more visible among other models. Type in the color code in Hex format (#RRGGBB) or pick a color via the dropdown button. A color #ffffff will disable coloring (default).
Material_Transparency Control the transparency of the model. Note that some applications use a different transparency model than CityEngine.
  • keep original: Keeps the transparency settings as read from the file.
  • semitransparent: Makes the whole model semitransaparent.
  • opaque: Makes the whole model opaque (default).
Mesh Control manipulation of the mesh to optimize its topology and geometry.
  • keep original: Keeps the mesh as is (default).
  • cleanup: Performs a cleanup on the vertices, edges and faces of the mesh. The cleanup tolerance is 0.005.
  • reduce 50%: Perfoms a cleanup and the reduces the mesh vertices by 50%.
  • reduce 90%: Perfoms a cleanup and the reduces the mesh vertices by 90%.
Normals Control the shading of the model. Note that for faces with holes, some applications use a different normal model than CityEngine. In those cases it might be necessary to recalculate the normals. For soft and auto normals it may be neccessary to activate cleanup in order to merge vertices and remove double faces.
  • keep original: Keeps the normals as read from the file (default).
  • soft: Recalculates the normals soft-style (for each vertex, use the average of the adjacent face normals).
  • hard: Recalculates the normals hard-style (use face normals).
  • auto: Computes consistent normals using the connectivity and a heuristic that favors the world's up direction. Also recalculates normals soft-style but edges where faces meet at an angle greater than or equal to 30 degrees are shaded as hard edges.
Pos_Bottom_Align Forces the model's origin (pivot) to align to its bottom (default, except fot KML import).
Pos_Center Moves the model's origin (pivot) to its center. If Pos_Bottom_Align is set, the vertical center is overridden (default, except fot KML import).
Pos_zUp Some models are created in a z-up coordinate system instead of CityEngine's y-up system. Use this switch in order to correct this.

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