Why Project Management

A project realized with CityEngine usually consists of a multitude of files. A CityEngine project comprises assets, rule files, scene files, and any other file related to that project. Rule files usually reference asset files and are referenced themselves by scene files. Keeping assets, rules, and scenes in predefined locations helps you and your collaborators work with CityEngine projects, import them, export them, and exchange them. Furthermore, CityEngine features optimized file-selection dialogs for these predefined locations, improving your workflow considerably.

Projects are collected in so-called workspaces that are mapped to a location on your local storage system. A default workspace is created when you start CityEngine for the first time. It is usually located in a folder "CityEngine" in your home directory. A workspace can hold any number of projects. CityEngine allows you to work with several workspaces and easily switch between these.

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