View Coordinate System

Change the View Coordinate System to display HUD information in different coordinate systems.

View Coordinate System

A CityEngine scene with a Scene Coordinate System displays information in the 3D viewport headup display in the current Scene Coordinate System:

The Scene Coordinate System displayed in the 3D viewport HUD and the status line

If a Scene Coordinate System is set, the user can choose the displayed coordinate system for a 3D viewport in the menu View Settings → View Coordinate System

CityEngine CS [meters] CityEngine coordinates y-up, meters
Scene CS [feet] Current Scene Coordinate System in feet
Scene CS [meters] Current Scene Coordinate System in meters
UTM Universal Transverse Mercator
MGRS Military Grid Reference System
Long/Lat [decimal degrees] Longitude / Latitude in decimal degrees
Long/Lat [degrees min sec] Longitude / Latitude in degrees, minutes and seconds

View Coordinate System Menu

After changing the View Coordinate System, the headup display shows the coordinates in the chosen Coordinate System, as well as the View Coordinate System. Note that the status line still displays the Scene Coordinate System, which remains unchanged.

View Coordinate System changed to UTM

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