Coordinate System Dialogs

The Coordinate System Dialog lets you choose a Coordinate System for the scene and for imported data.

Choosing a coordinate system

The coordinate system chooser dialog is used both to

Make sure to check the window title if you are unsure what the selected coordinate system is used for.

Select Scene Coordinate System

Use the Select Scene Coordinate System dialog to set the Scene Coordinate System. Browse through the coordinate systems or use the search field to select the desired coordinate system.

When this dialog appears during the first import of georeferenced data, the previously selected coordinate system for data import is suggested.

If you do not need a georeferenced coordinate system, the option No Projection → Raw Data in Meters is normally a good choice.

Select Scene Coordinate System Dialog

The Scene Coordinate System can only be a projected coordinate system, hence the geographic coordinate systems are not available in this dialog.

Select data coordinate system

The data coordinate system pops up whenever georeferenced data is going to be imported, and no projection details are found with the data.

Usually you will see a coordinate system suggested (normally the Scene Coordinate System) when this dialog appears, whch normally is a good choice.

Select Data Coordinate System Dialog

Using the search field

Use the search expression field to filter the list of coordinate systems and search for a coordinate system by name or authority code. Use the wildcard character * to define your search query. To reset the search filter and show all available coordinate systems again, clear the search field and hit Enter (or the search button on the right)

The search field filters available coordinate systems

Load coordinate system from a prj file

When the required coordinate system is not available in the list, you choose a new projection by browsing to an arbitary .prj file. Use the folder button on the top left to bring up the file dialog, and browse to the .prj file.

This feature also allows you to define your own custom coordinate system by creating your own .prj file with the desired parameters.

Top-left button to load coordinate system from file

Custom Coordinate Systems

If a projection definition is found that can't be matched to one of the predefined coordinate systems, CityEngine adds it as a new custom coordinate system. These have their authority set to USER, and an incremental number for authority code.

Various custom user-added coordinate systems

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