Facade Wizard Overview

Example facade created with the Facade Wizard in about 5 minutes.

CityEngine features the Facade Wizard, a streamlined interactive tool for the rapid creation of textured 3D facades. The tool outputs CGA code that can be used within CityEngine as any other piece of CGA code. This document provides an overview of the typical facade creation workflow and explains the individual steps. The Facade Wizard is invoked via Window→Show Facade Wizard in the main menu.

The Facade Wizard's toolbar.

Basic Workflow

The basic workflow of the Facade Wizard is as follows:
  1. Open the Facade Wizard.
  2. Select a shape or a shape's face (textured or untextured) of your scene or a facade texture image in your project using the navigator.
  3. Load selected shape or image into the Facade Wizard using the "New Facade" icon in the wizard's toolbar. Alternatively press the "New Facade from Image" icon to load an image via file browser.
  4. Use the standard CityEngine 3D navigation controls and shortcuts to navigate when editing the facade (in particular, press A to frame the whole facade, and Z to position the camera in front.
  5. Start adding splits and repeats. When moving the mouse over the facade or individual regions, lines will indicate where the split will be applied, or how many repeats will fit into the region. Use the Cursor Left and Cursor Right keys to quickly switch between the different tools.
  6. Move existing splits or modify repeats: Move the mouse near a region's edge until the move mouse cursor appears. Drag the mouse to move / adjust.
  7. Adjust the depth of the final regions by using the depth adjust tool. Move over a region and drag the mouse.
  8. Save the facade using the toolbar's "Save facade" icon. A file browser will ask you to specify a CGA rule file where the rules will be written.
  9. If your facade was loaded from a shape, the shape's or face's rule file and the start rule will be set, and you can select and generate the model.

Note: Currently, the Facade Wizard creates CGA code "one way" only, i.e., you cannot "load" a facade with associated rules into the Facade Wizard. However, the created CGA code can easily be edited using the CGA text editor.

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