Publish Web Scenes and Scene Layer Packages to ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online / Portal

ArcGIS Online is an online platform to share maps and geographic information with others. It hosts the CityEngine Web Viewer application, which opens and displays shared CityEngine Web Scenes directly on the platform. Additional details to CityEngine Web Viewer can be found in the ArcGIS online help.

Help on signing into ArcGIS Online / Portal and other details can be found here.

Upload to ArcGIS Online

  1. Locate the exported CityEngine Web Scene (.3ws) or Esri Scene Layer Package (.slpk) in the Navigator.
  2. Right-click on the .3ws or .slpk file and choose Share As...
  3. The CityEngine Web Scene Package or Scene Package dialog box appears.
  4. Choose option Upload package to my ArcGIS Online account and name your new Web Scene package.

  5. Fill in the required fields for Item Description.

  6. Click Analyze to validate your Web Scenes for any errors or issues. You must validate and resolve all errors before you can save it to disk or share it to ArcGIS Online. If any issues are discovered, an error will be reported. You have to fix the error before you can continue.

  7. Once validated, click Share to upload your Web Scene package to ArcGIS Online.
  8. After successful upload, use File → ArcGIS Online and go to My Content to find your Web Scene online for sharing.

If the Web Scene already exists on the portal, the webscene will be updated with the new version, and will keep the same ID.

Web Scenes can be uploaded to other ArcGIS portals as well. See Sharing data on a different Portal

Publish Esri Scene Layer Package on ArcGIS Online

After uploading your package to ArcGIS Online or a portal you need to unpack the Scene Layer Package into a Scene Layer. To do so follow this workflow:

  1. Go to the Navigator and select Portal - My Content.
  2. Find the Esri Scene Layer Package you just uploaded and double click it.
  3. Your browser now opens with the correct item opened for you.

  4. Click on Publish to create a Scene Layer.

  5. The title of the Package is preset as Scene Title. Change it to only alphanumeric characters and underscores. Change the tags if not correct and then click Publish.

  6. This opens the item of the Scene Layer and after waiting for the service to be created you can open it.

Package Web Scene and Viewer to a zip file

Instead of publishing to ArcGIS Online you can create a zip file of Web Scene and Viewer application, which you can manually upload to your own webserver.

Use the same steps as above but choose Save package to file in the Web Scene package dialog.

The created zip file contains two folders

Upload to custom server

Copy both folders to your web server. To start the application, point your browser to


Once the webviewer application is uploaded and you create additional web scenes, you only need to upload the .3ws files to the webscenes folder and adapt the URL to point to the respective web scenes via the query parameter ?3dWebScene.

Due to browser security restrictions when loading local files (e.g. the .3ws file) a local webserver is required for the Web Viewer. Starting the Web Viewer with a file protocol (the URL starts with file://...), which happens e.g. when starting the Web Viewer by double-clicking on the viewer.html will therefore not work.

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