Exporting Models

This section describes the model export process, i.e. the generation and export of models in a file format suited for further processing.

The model exporter is completely independent of the already generated models in the current scene, and can therefore export arbitrarily large scenes: this means that you do not have to generate a scene prior to model export.

The formats listed in the lower part of the following figure are supported for model export:

Table of Contents

  1. Model Export Quick Start
  2. General Export Reference
  3. Supported Formats and Specific Options
  4. Esri FileGDB
  5. Esri Scene Layer Package (spk)
  6. Wavefront OBJ
  7. Autodesk FBX
  8. Collada DAE
  9. Keyhole KMZ / KML
  10. CityEngine Web Scene (3ws)
  11. Renderman RIB
  12. e-on Vue VOB
  13. Alembic ABC
  14. Script Based Exporter (Python)
  15. 360° VR Experiences (3vr)
  16. Export Application Notes

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