CGA Styles

CGA styles are a comfortable way to store and reuse sets of rule parameters.

Style Manager

Select a shape with a rule file assigned, and open the Style Manager by pressing the Style Button in the Rule Tab in the Inspector.

CGA Editor - Error
Style button in the Inspector, with Default Style selected

CGA Editor - Error
The Style Manager displaying 4 facade styles

The Style Manager displays all available styles in its rule set. A rule file that has no styles defined shows only one style (the default style).

To assign a style to the selected shapes, select the desried style and hit ok (or doubleclick the style).

Delete a style by pressing the red cross in the top right corner of a style.

Toolbar options


Creating a new Style

Creating a new style stores the current parameter set to a style. To create a new style, select your desired shape or model, and press the plus button next to the style button.


CGA Editor - Error
The Plus button starts the create style dialog

Parameter Function
Style name Use a unique name for your style. An existing style with the same name will be overwritten
Based on The reference style which the new style is based on. This can either be the Default Style or the current style (if one is applied)
Description An optional description for the style

When the new style is created by pressing OK:


Style Context Menu

Operations on styles are available as well from a context menu. Right-click in the attribute area of a rule file to bring up the context menu:

CGA Editor - Error
Style context menu

Parameter Function
Select Style Selecting one of the available styles from a list
Create new style ... Create a new style, bring up the create style dialog
Delect current Delete current style
Reset user attributes of rule file Reset all user-set attributes of this rule file to its default (Rule) values
Reset all attributes of rule file Reset all user-set and mapped attributes of this rule file to its default (Rule) values


Styles in CGA rule file

When a new style is created using the create style wizard, the active CGA rule file is modified, a new style section is created at the bottom of the rule file.
Depending on the creation options, a different set of attributes are added to the new style.

Note in particular that in case a new style is created based on an existing style, with the option set to Create style with user attributes only, the new style extends the parent.

attr mColor = "#ff0000"
attr height = 1

Lot --> 

style Design1
attr mColor = "#006600"
attr height = 2

style Design1_2 extends Design1
attr mColor = "#99ff99"

Of course can just as well be added and modified in the CGA text editor instead of using the style wizard. Please see styles in the CGA reference for more information.


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