Overwriting Attributes with the Inspector

The values of functions marked with attr can be set individually for each initial shape in the inspector. For instance, this definition
attr height = 60

yields an entry in the Rule Parameters section of the inspector like this:

Rule attribute height displayed in Inspector

The display of attributes in the Inspector can be controlled by CGA annotations.

You can now click on the attribute value and edit the value. Let's say you type in 30 (or use the slider to modify the value)

Rule attribute height set to user value 30

By entering a value, the attribute has changed to a user value, displayed in bold.


Assuming your shape has an object attribute height that should be used to control the rule attribute, bring up the Connection Editor by clicking on the connection icon , choose Object attribute and hit OK.

The rule attribute height is now connected to the object attribute with the same name. The value is displayed in italic and marked with (Object). The value used for CGA generation is taken from the object attribute.

Rule attribute height connected to Object Attribute

During rule assignment, object attributes with names that match a rule attribute get connected automatically.

Details on mapping attributes

See Mapping Attributes for more details on connecting rule attributes to object attributes or map layers (Layer attributes).

Multi Assign

It is possible to manually assign a value to multiple initial shapes in a convenient way. Let's say we selected two initial shapes that have a rule file assigned with the attributes height, roofColor and roofType

Multi Assign
Multiple initial shapes can be selected in the Scene view or the Viewport.

In the Inspector, the attributes of all selected lots can now be manipulated. If you change the height value to 20, both selected shapes will have their height value changed.

Multi Assign
The attributes of all selected initial shapes can be manipulated in the inspector.

Now select one shape (or model) only, and change the roofColor to a different value. If both models are selected afterwards, the value of roofColor is displayed as a question mark ?, stating that the two selected models do not share the value for this attribute.

Multi Assign
Attributes with different values are displayed as "?".

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