Local Edit Selections

Local Edits on Single Selection

The area of effect of a local edit depends on the selection. You can select single or multiple parts of a building.

When you select components of a building with the Local edits tool , an orange highlight shows the current area of effect in the Viewport. The editable attributes in this area are also highlighted in orange in the Inspector.

  1. Click the Local Edits tool to activate local editing.
  2. Click on the component of the building you want to edit the attributes.

  3. Edit the attributes by adjusting the handles of a highlighted attribute, or make the edits directly in the Inspector. You are affecting the attributes only for the current highlighted selection.

After making local edits, the edited attributes will have orange highlights with a * symbol in the Inspector. The * symbol indicates that the attributes have local edits applied in the current selection. The Inspector also displays the attribute values in bold after changes are made as it normally does in the Inspector.

You can also edit attributes that are outside the current orange highlight, such as floorHeight. This will have a greater area of effect. To see the area, hover over the corresponding handle.

After editing floorHeight, the symbol will be shown in the Inspector next to the attribute. This indicates that an edit was performed outside of the current highlight, on a higher level of the shape tree.

Multiple Selections

You can create multiple selections to edit the attributes for all the selected components at one time. To create multiple selections do the following:

  1. Click and press Shift to select multiple components.

    Edits to multiple selections will affect just the selected attributes.

  2. Click and press Ctrl to remove items from the selection.

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