float assetInfo(string assetName,attributeSelector)



Returns asset sizes or translation.

This function returns the sizes or translations of the asset defined in the assetName, depending on the specified attributeSelector.



Note.1: The translation values are calculated by the CityEngine based on the corner of the asset's bounding box, by using the corner with the lowest possible x, y and z coordinates (XYZmin).

Note.2: Note that any specific 3d transformations (in this example maya's translations X = 0.6, Y = 0.7, Z = 0.8) are not to be confused accidentally with the translations the CityEngine computes.

	print(assetInfo("assets/unitCube.obj", sx))
	print(assetInfo("assets/unitCube.obj", sy))
	print(assetInfo("assets/unitCube.obj", sz))
	print(assetInfo("assets/unitCube.obj", tx))
	print(assetInfo("assets/unitCube.obj", ty))
	print(assetInfo("assets/unitCube.obj", tz))
	# results =
	# 0.2
	# 0.3
	# 0.4
	# 0.5
	# 0.55
	# 0.6

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