CGA Shape Reference shape attribute


string material.colormap

string material.bumpmap

string material.dirtmap

string material.specularmap

string material.opacitymap

string material.normalmap

float material.{colormap|...|normalmap}.s{u|v}

float material.{colormap|...|normalmap}.t{u|v}

float material.{colormap|...|normalmap}.rw

The material shape attribute consists of 6 texture layers.

Each texture layer consists of the file name of the associated texture
scaling factors in u and v directions (material.{colormap|...|normalmap}.s{u|v]}),
offsets in u and v directions (float material.{colormap|...|normalmap}.t{u|v})
and rotation around the w-axis (material.{colormap|...|normalmap}.rw).

All these attributes can be set and read.

Each texture layer has a corresponding uv-set (texture coordinates) in the shape's geometry. More information can be found in Texturing: Essential Knowledge

The bump map is interpreted as luminance map (CCIR 601).

The normal map is interpreted as normals in tangent space encoded as rgb colors.

See Asset Search for information about where the texture is searched and Built-in Assets for a list of built-in textures.


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